Taking Meetings Virtual

Here are a few resources for alternatives to in-person meetings:

Instructions for setting up remote meetings with Google Hangout and Zoom from aasfmarin: https://aasfmarin.org/setting-up-remote-meetings-help

List of online meetings from AA Intergroup: http://aa-intergroup.org/directory.php

For those less tech savvy or without a computer another good alternative is to set up a Phone Meeting through a service like FreeConference.com. Simply dial the number on your phone and punch in an access code.

Another Hack: Apple launched Group FaceTime. If you create a group text (up to 32 members) on an iPhone, you can call the group via the FaceTime icon (on top). Unfortunately, Android users can’t join.

Please contact me via aadavisinfo(at)gmail.com or through the Contact Us page if your meeting has gone virtual and you want to post the information or if you have further questions about taking your meeting virtual.