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Dixon No Name group 7:00 pm Tuesday ZOOM MEETING CLOSED – IN PERSON RESUMES
Meeting ID: 844 4477 7149
Password: 711277


Thursday 7:00 pm, Dixon No Name Group, Book Study
Join Zoom URL:
Meeting ID: 441 336 9986
Password: 314159

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Reading Links:Preamble

How it Works

12 Traditions

Vision For You


Daily Reflection

Living Sober

Big Book

12 and 12

Instructions for Accessing Meetings Using Zoom

SIGNING UP: Use this link to sign up:
The Free Zoom account is all you will need. Click the ‘Sign up, It’s Free’ button.

Put in your email and info. They will then send you an email to confirm your account. Open the email and click the blue ‘Activate’ button.

You will then be prompted to set up your account, First Name, Last Name, and password. During Zoom conferencing your name will show when you speak, so if you want to remain anonymous, just put an initial for your last name.

It will then bring you a ‘Invite Your Colleagues’ screen. Simply, press the ‘Skip This Step’ button to advance.

Now click “Start Meeting Now’ and click Open

You are ready to go!

You will be brought to this screen:

You can now click ‘Join’ and a window will pop where you can enter the Meeting ID or Zoom link from the meetings. See here:

You can also download the Zoom App on your smart phone through the App Stores.

USING ZOOM: Once Zoom is setup on you computer or phone, when you click the Zoom link for each meeting Zoom should open automatically. Sometimes you will be prompted to enter a Meeting ID or Password (but not always).

You can also open the Zoom app:

and the window below will appear

Click the blue ‘Join Meeting’ button and you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID.

ONCE IN THE MEETING: Once you are in the meeting you will see a screen that looks like this:

If the screen is all black simply move your cursor over the window and the navigation bar at the bottom will appear. Here you can turn the audio and the video on and off at the bottom left.

Pressing the ‘Mute’ (Unmute) button will turn off the audio:

Pressing the ‘Start Video’ (Stop Video) button will turn on the video:

If you click on ‘Participants’ you will see a list of all the participants to your right. If you click on ‘Chat’ you will be able to chat with other members.

Please be advised: All HOSTS should turn off ‘Cloud recording ‘and ‘Local recording’ under the account settings in order to retain anonymity. (Settings->Recording->Turn off Cloud recording and Local recording). Recording capabilities for all DHG meetings have been turned off by the hosts.

Privacy Default Settings for Zoom Hosts

Please email for further questions.

Zoom Tutorial:

Tips for Avoiding Zoom Bombers: